The Key to a Job Hunt – Patience

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Patience is a virtue and it is something you need to have during a job search. When you are unemployed, it is rare that you find a job within a week of having been laid off or let go from another job.

So you have to have patience. It is critical in any job search to have patience. I know it is just not that simple when you are without a job and need to find a job quickly to take care of yourself and your family if you have one.

Patience is not something you have a lot of when you need money and none is coming in.

But if you don’t have patience, you will have no mental peace and the process of finding a new job will cause far greater problems such as stress, family problems, and health related issues. And your lack of patience will be seen when you are interviewing.

So how do you deal with the stress of being unemployed? It’s not easy to deal with, so here are a few pointers. They are not fail safe, but they are simple ideas to avoid thinking about being unemployed as you look for a new job.

1. The last thing you want is to be at home every day when you are used to being at work. Find something to do so that you are not sitting at home every day while waiting for the calls for interviews. The calls will come. Sitting next to the phone at home won’t make them come any more quickly than if you are out of the house.

2. Pick up a hobby. If you have a hobby, start focusing on it. If you don’t have one, get a hobby. Focusing on something that allows you to not think about not having a job can certainly help you. And hobbies don’t necessarily cost money. Going to park and running some laps is something all of us can surely do. It doesn’t cost anything and you can become more physically fit and healthy.

3. Take care of your family. If you are a man and have a Wife and kids, that’s something that you may not be used to, but it’s something that will help you get through your tough time. Clean the house, make dinner, pick the kids up from school. Those little things can go a long way to keeping your sanity during your job search.

4. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s critical that you not get down on yourself. Regardless of whether you caused your job loss or were laid off, beating yourself up about it isn’t going to help things change or help you find a job. For every negative thought, think about something positive.

5. Attend networking events. Networking events will help you meet people who could help you potentially land a new job. It never hurts to meet new people. Every connection you make can lead to something great.

6. Volunteering for something can make you feel good about yourself. It gives you something to do and is also helpful to an organization that always needs volunteers. Help others is always something that is always a blessing. It can also be something that helps you in the future.

7. Accept reality. The reality is you don’t have a job right now. It is what it is. You can only control what you can control. So concentrate on the things you can control. You can control how your resume looks You can control how you approach everything.

Be patient. It will happen for you.