Paralegals are key to the delivery of cost-effective and efficient services. The role of the traditional paralegal or legal assistant has changed dramatically in recent years due to technology and client expectation of cost-effective services. Law firm clients and corporate legal departments readily recognize that many of the services once performed by associates can now be performed by paralegals at a lower billable rate.

In addition to the traditional paralegal duties, skilled candidates are tech-savvy performers who manage vital projects such as the e-discovery process. At Solomon Search Group, we have stayed on top of these trends and we utilize our extensive network to maintain relationships with top-notch candidates.

Many of our candidates have experience at some the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country. Solomon Search Group knows to identify candidates who exhibit attention to detail, multitasking, analytical skills and more. As with all our candidates, paralegals are thoroughly vetted to ensure their experience and capabilities are a good match for the position requirements and the firm culture.



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