The Job Search

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Job searches can be frustrating – for all parties. Just when you think you have found the job that fits you, what you are looking looking for, the money you want to make and the opportunity you are looking for, someone else gets an offer. Just when you think you have found the perfect candidate, … Read more

The Thank You Note

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The Thank You note seems like something so small when going through a job search and interviewing process. But it’s not. While a Thank You note won’t generally get you a job, it can certainly erase the chance especially if you don’t send one. Think about it this way. You are someone taking time out … Read more

The Key to a Job Hunt – Patience

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Patience is a virtue and it is something you need to have during a job search. When you are unemployed, it is rare that you find a job within a week of having been laid off or let go from another job. So you have to have patience. It is critical in any job search … Read more

Interview Tips – Social Media

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THE INTERNET The Internet is a public space. Nothing is completely private. Play it safe. If you can’t show it to yourparents and family members, then don’t broadcast it to the world. 1. Think twice before you post a revealing or disparaging photo of yourself on a social networking site. Share photos with friends through … Read more